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  • What is standard turn around time?
    Our standard turn around time at IGM Real Estate is 72-hours (3 Business Days). If you need to expedite your order make sure to let us know through either the website chat or give us a call at 253.242.2414.
  • Do you shoot aerial photography and videos?
    YES! As you likely agree, aerial imaging helps give potential buyers a new perspective on a property. On top of that aerial images and video is complimentary with any package, photo or video shoot!
  • How many photos do you take with your photo service?
    With every real estate photo shoot we deliver 40+ images.
  • How long are the walkthrough videos?
    All of our real estate walkthrough videos range from 1min 45secs to 3 minutes in length. If you are interested in a shorter or longer video make sure you reach out and we would be happy to help!
Gig Harbor Home Entry Way
Gorgeous Northwest Home with a Pool
Professionally Styled seattle home
Aerial photo of Tacoma neighborhood
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