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Real Estate Photography

Our primary goal is to highlight the inherent value and potential of your property. We take pride in ensuring that every single photo we produce is given thorough attention from the moment it's framed to the detailed post-editing process, ensuring that colors and details are represented in their best light.



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Why Choose Us

IGM Real Estate Home Photography offers 45+ images with every home and aerial images are shot at no charge. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of images that help agents effectively market their listings while allowing potential buyers to immerse themselves in the property. Get ready to wow your clients with stunning cinematic shots of your listings! 


Our imagery will make it easier than ever before to capture someone's attention and help them envision just how spectacular this dreamy property really is. Whether they’re thousands of miles away or right here, our photos will create an emotional connection and truly showcase everything that each property has to offer down to detail unseen by the naked eye - like unique detailing on a banister backlit by natural light flooding through a window. 



Real estate photography is an important marketing tool that can make all the difference in helping to sell a property. With quality, high-resolution images and video taken by professional real estate photographers, potential buyers are able to get an immersive feel for the home before ever stepping foot inside it. This helps attract more attention, boost interest and generate more showings.


Professional photography captures the details of a property, from creative angles and beautiful lighting that bring out its best features to staging, editing and color-correction services that help ensure each room looks its absolute best — even if it’s empty or needs some extra help to draw attention. With appropriate staging and expert photography editing, potential buyers will be drawn in by how amazing the interior looks on camera. The experienced team of real estate photographers at our company specialize in using their expertise to capture the unique beauty of any property while helping agents market each listing in a compelling manner.

In addition to showcasing stunning digital images of a property’s interior and exterior, we also offer comprehensive video packages where we create virtual tours or 3D fly-throughs of properties. Utilizing video production technology gives potential buyers an up close look at every nook and cranny of the home without having them leave their current location. It also adds another layer of excitement — something that traditional still photos may not be able to provide. Furthermore, with aerial photography and drone shots, we’re able to capture a much larger context of the property as well as provide bird's eye views since aerial photos can show off everything from amazing landscaping work to breathtaking views from balconies or patios. 


No matter how great your marketing efforts are for a given listing - regardless of whether you use traditional media like print ads or digital channels like websites or social media - it's essential that you have high-quality photographs showcasing your listings' best features in order to truly stand out from other properties on the market. With our team’s experience and expertise in real estate photography, we can help you create gorgeous visuals that will capture potential buyers’ eyes and imaginations — giving them compelling reasons why they should buy your listing!

Capture Your Listing

If you're ready to take your listing to the next level with a comprehensive multi-media strategy curated by a specialized team of marketers and content creators, then reach out today!

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